YabTab: Turn Web pages to Tables

<div><span>YabTab automatically converts web pages to tables. There is tonnes of information on web: think of product listing pages, course catalogues, job postings, reports - and all of them are essentially tables. Product listing pages, for example, are tables with one row for each product, columns for product information like name, features, price, etc.</span></div><p></p><div><span>However all current scraping tools either require extensive configuration to extract such information or are domain specific (yet rarely works). The idea behind YabTab is to build a tool which can auto-extract such "tabular" information from all websites irrespective of their domain or underlying structure and technology. YabTab uses revolutionary Machine Learning techniques to recognize these patterns in any web page, a skill only humans were capable of so far.</span></div>

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Submitted by: SleekSoftCheese81172, 2 months ago

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2 months ago

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Hello, I think you have a very interesting product and nice designed site. One thing that will be a value add to your marketing site is showing screenshots of your actual product or short clips. Hope this helps.