<p><span data-v-99bffb8c="">Readrounds is&nbsp;a&nbsp;community of&nbsp;devoted and like-minded readers. We&nbsp;are reinventing the book exchange, turning it&nbsp;from marketplace into a&nbsp;unique book recommendation mechanism. <br><br> At&nbsp;readrounds, every book that you get is&nbsp;selected and shipped to&nbsp;you by&nbsp;another member, becoming a&nbsp;valuable keepsake.</span></p>

We would highly appreciate any feedback about the idea (is it clear, is it somehow attractive?), as well as overall design (layout, video, icons, colors, fonts)

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Submitted by: pelmeshko, 2 months ago

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RefinedMetalCheese9386 2 months ago

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Hello, I took a look at your website. I like the idea of readrounds however it seems that it's still a concept right now.  When readrounds is ready I think it would be a good idea to showcase some screenshots of the booking sharing platform.  I look forward to seeing what comes of readrounds.