Eyes of a Local

<p>Eyes of a Local is a platform to provide a place for anyone to either take live-virtual tours of any location in the world or for anyone to build a side live virtual tourism business of their own. A live virtual tour consists of a guide remotely connecting through a live-streaming app with a customer and showing their part of the world. The tourist can direct the guide to focus on things the tourist is interested in, as though they were there in person. There are many possible applications including, tourism, education, business, and beating "fake news".</p>

I just want to get first impressions and feedback on what might be the next thing I should work on.

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Submitted by: Everstrivin, 2 months ago

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RefinedMetalCheese9386 2 months ago

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Hello, I like the Eyes of a Local idea and platform. I took a look at your site and it seems to be in an early stage. I look forward to seeing the site develop and hopefully try the platform once its done.